The perfect solution for skin breakouts, rashes, scalp irritations, acné, razorbumps, hyperpigmentation & reduces skin blemishes and wrinkles. Also helps with oily skin and contains antibacterial properties which does wonders for a deep pore cleansing. Add it to your daily skin care routine for smooth and even skin. 

Perfect for sensitive skin and can also be used on babies and small children.   


Artikelnummer: Pure African Black Soap Categorie:

100% natural and organic. 

100 gr. 

How to use: Wet your face (or the preferred body part) , then grab the soap and massage the foam into your face while avoiding the eyes. For best results, leave the soap on for about 2 minutes and gently rinse with lukewarm water.

Ingrediënts: extra virgin Coconut oil, raw Cocoa pods, unrefined Palm kern oil, Plantain skin ashes, natural Vitamin E, water.